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Shalini describes herself as a ‘Creative Experimentalist.’

'For me creativity is a journey of experimentation and exploration. The process is as important as the end result.'

Graphic Designer /
Jewellery Designer / 

HUTKE is the creation of designer and artist Shalini Bharadwaj. Being interested in art and design from an early age, Shalini studied Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University where she won numerous national design awards including the prestigious D&AD (British Design and Art Direction) Award and the Society of Typographic Designers Award and graduated with a First Class Honours degree. After a successful career in online design, having worked with many leading London Digital Design Studios, Shalini now pursues various creative endeavours out of her West London Studio - HUTKE being one of them. 


Shalini describes herself as a ‘Creative Experimentalist.' She is passionate about design and has a love for all things handmade.



All jewellery in the HUTKE collection is designed by Shalini in meticulous detail and many of the statement pieces are handcrafted by her in her West London studio. All other pieces are made to her designs and specifications by a family of generational artisans in Jaipur – India. Fair trade traditional practices, women empowerment and sustainable small batch production are very important to Shalini. Most pieces are made in limited edition many being one of a kind. All packaging used is recyclable and plastic free. Shalini is currently involved in developing a project to enable the use of recycled metals and silver in jewellery, upcycling old jewellery components and resetting used natural gemstones.



Shalini is a keen water colour, acrylic, mixed media and digital design artist and often combines different techniques to create visual layering effects in her work.


Talking about her art work Shalini says,

‘As a contemporary artist, I enjoy still life, abstract, figurative, landscape work and stylised portraiture. In my still life paintings, I like playing with intense areas of light and shade and contrasting that with the subtlety of translucent objects like glass vases and ornaments. Recently I have found old doors very interesting subjects to paint. As an artist I find the intriguing duality of what lies beyond or what lies within fascinating. Capturing the character and personality of an old weather-beaten door is like portraiture. Every scar, scrape, groove and ornament provide endless opportunity for visual story telling. I use a mix of acrylic paint, liquid charcoal, graphite pencil and high pigment inks to create textural and visual layering in my paintings. I also work in watercolour and gouache.’

Shalini has participated in various solo and group art exhibitions in the UK and abroad and her paintings are in many private collections internationally. Shalini's painting 'Take a Pause' was recently selected by The Royal Society of British Artists (RBA) to be featured in their Bicentennial Exhibition at the prestigious Mall Galleries in London in March 2023. 


Shalini takes commissions for fine art, digital design and jewellery design projects. 






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